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Brand New: The Rewind Your Romance Audio Companion!

Introduction: Welcome to the Rewind Your Romance audio program, narrated by relationship expert & counselor Jason Rogers. You’re about to discover secrets about men that most women will never know. It doesn’t matter how troubled your relationship is right now, or even if your relationship seems to have ended and you want to restart it. The Rewind Your Romance program contains the tools you need. Listen to this audio first, for an overview of the program and the powerful lessons you are about to learn. 

Part 1: Learn how to identify the real “root problems” in your relationship. (They probably aren’t what you think, or what your man says they are.) It’s also time for you to discover how to give and receive love from your partner on a deeper, more meaningful level. You’ll see how the goal of this audio program isn’t to merely “fix” your relationship. This is your chance to make your relationship stronger, more passionate and more fulfilling than ever before.

Part 2: Jason Rogers walks you through The Love Styles Quiz: 50 thought-provoking questions which show what “love” means to you, and determine which one of the six Love Styles describes how you approach relationships. These are fascinating (and revealing) questions to ask your partner also. This is the next step in our plan to get you, and your man, “in sync” with each other and expressing and receiving love in ways that make both of you feel loved, respected and appreciated.

Here is a link to the Love Styles Quiz so you can take it online if you wish, or share it with your partner.

Part 3: Now let’s explore some real-life “case studies”: true stories of women, and couples, who Jason helped through very difficult relationship issues. You’ll find out why one of the keys to your romantic success is understanding the five “Love Languages.” You’ll learn which one of them is your primary love language, and which one your partner “speaks.” You may be surprised by what you find out! Knowing this is a huge step towards “rewinding your romance” and moving forward with a new, rock-solid foundation of love and gratitude for each other.

Part 4: Jason shares a final case study, Cathy, whose highly emotional story had an unusual “happy ending,” which was once again made possible by her learning to understand the Five Love Languages. In this information-packed session, you’ll also discover why “Words Of Affirmation” are what many men secretly crave from their partners, and how you can speak this particular Love Language to your man to make him feel bonded to you like never before. 

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